Wellness Portal

Help your employees meet key health milestones and keep them on course with our full service wellness platform.
We combine the latest technology with personal interaction, a robust communication strategy, and ongoing custom wellness programming.

Our commitment to creating an immersive wellness experience for members leads to high engagement for a happier, healthier population.

Health Screenings

Our biometric health screening services are a key component of our comprehensive corporate wellness programs and are designed to help improve health awareness among employees and provide data for employers to gauge the health of their employees and track improvement over time. Biometric health screenings help identify, but not diagnose, risk factors that could signal the presence of an existing disease or the potential for developing one.

Employee Health Analytics

Measure your success using comprehensive analytics that clearly identify your population’s health risks, trends, and program utilization so you can set and achieve real change.

Assess population health, identify risks, set goals, measure progress and continually modify using our interactive dashboard reporting system.

Incentive Management

We take on the process of entirely managing your wellness programs so you can focus on the health of your employees and less time on administration.

From incentive program design and strategy, to enrollment, incentive tracking and reporting, we offer custom, complete support for participation based and complex outcomes based incentive programs.

Health Coaching

Our dedicated health coaches support real, sustainable behavior change through flexible, custom care.

Wellness Audit

Assess your current wellness program to see how it measures up to leading wellness benchmarks.

Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight reduces your employees risks for the most common chronic diseases including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome. Give your employees access to our clinical behavioral weight loss program and see how effectively you can help your population reduce their health risks, improve health outcomes, increase productivity and drive down health care costs.

Smoking Cessation

In Asia nearly 10% of all health care associated with smoking related illnesses, investing in a robust and clinically supported tobacco cessation program can significantly impact the total health of your employees quickly and effectively.

We offer a nationally recognized smoking cessation program for our clients as an adjunct service that provides several key benefits.


Our iOS and Android app allow members to connect with physicians and therapists through video consultations, photos and text messages to get answers to questions and store health information. Only available in Vietnam at the moment.